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Robert W. Champy - President & Executive Officer

Robert W. Champy has been in the construction industry since 1985. As a union carpenter’'s son he gained an interest in construction from an early age. He began his business in college as a painting company and eventually developed into a building and construction firm in the commercial market.

 He holds a BS degree in Economics and Business Management from William Paterson University. He is a United States Air Force Veteran. Robert also has a great deal of experience in financing and investments. Among his many accomplishments is that he is licensed as an Financial Advisor.


Robert J Champy  Senior Project Manager


 Robert has involved in the business since he was 15 years old. Working through every aspect of the company, from laborer and carpenter’s apprentice to involvement in all executive aspects of the organization. 


Robert is well position to assume  the position of Sr. Project Manager, and assume that position in 2021. His responsibilities include all aspects of personnel management, site management, and coordination of field personnel. Rob is responsible for all OSHA safety requirements at the company and has completed the OSHA Outreach Training Program in Construction. He is a skilled communicator and multitasker, providing leadership, support, and motivation. 

Robert attended Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and obtain a bachelor's degree in English, communication  

Romeo Abillar is our AutoCAD Designer / Architectural Draftsman

 With more than 10 years experience working with Architects doing Residential and Commercial Building Projects as a Draftsman, Romeo is well positioned with Champ Corp. in its Design- Build division.

Responsiable  for project preporations: Site Survey & As-built Drawing Layout, Preliminary/Schematic Design Presentation, Building Department and Construction Drawings & Documents

Romeo attented Manuel L. Quezon University, B.S. in Architecture, P.I., 1981 - 1986
and Burlington Community College, AutoCAD Training, N.J. 1997

Eytel Velarde  -Supervisor

Eytel Velarde joined Champ Corp in 2003 as part of the labor crew and  has earned his way to Supervisor.
Eytel was educated in South America and is married with
2 children.

Gazzelle Champy  Director of Marketing & Executive Officer

Gazzelle Champy  was also raised in a family owned Plumbing business. With a NJ State  Master Plumber's license holder for her dad, Gazzelle is no stranger to the construction industry.

She attended Parson's School Of Design and plays an important role in interior design projects at Champ Corp. Gazzelle is also responsible for marketing, and office administration, and has been with Champ Corp since 2000.

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