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With over twenty years of commercial construction, we have a unique understanding of the radiology and healthcare industry and provide solutions that accomplish your goals with skill, accuracy, and minimum down time. 

Champ Corp provides expertise and experience for your radiology and medical construction project needs. . We  provide you with a seamless transition from planning and installation to completion and productivity.




Installing  Medical supports designed from Unistrut Metal Framing have many advantages over conventional supporting methods. 


From basic X-ray machines to large integrated boom systems, to complying with seismic* regulations, Champ Corp  can design and install the support system needed to meet your requirements. The ceiling tile flanges can be installed directly on the Unistrut Metal Framing flush with the bottom of the channel opening creating a clean, unobtrusive look consistent with today’s equipment  and room aesthetics. So, whether you’re planning a new wind or upgrading an existing facility, we can meet your requirements.

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